My story consists of a unique journey with, unfortunately, an all too familiar challenge.  It’s a story that will resonate with teachers, administrators, dads, moms, and kids. I believe that you, like me, have the potential to become more each and everyday and that the challenges that we face on this life journey shape us and those around us.  I am a science teacher at my core and believe that analyzing the variables in our lives can push us to be better versions of ourselves. The keynote that I provide is one of comfort, loss, failure, growth, engagement, and change. I focus on 5 words that I believe when analyzed and addressed can change your classroom , relationships and our lives.  These words are INNOVATE, VULNERABLE, GROW, WHY, and DASH. For each of these words I provide relevant examples, failures and successes, and challenges that will take attendees out of their comfort zones and into growth opportunities. Be ready for some fun and laughs along with personal and professional challenges. I provide meaningful motivation that will inspire you to become the best YOU that you can be inside and outside of your classroom walls.


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